Monday, May 16, 2011

Crawling Back

Hi readers, it is with much regret that I need to come crawling back, with my tail between my legs.  It's been several weeks since I last posted and I feel pretty horribly about that.  How can I keep the readers I have entertained if I'm not posting? 

Maybe a cute little kitty picture will help you forgive me?
There! Are we all better now?  Good!

I want you to know that just because I haven't been posting here, doesn't mean that I've fallen off track or gained any weight.  Nope, I sure did not!  I have actually remained completely on track with eating right and exercise.  The only reason I haven't been posting is that work life has been busy and when I get home I just feel like relaxing and not thinking.  And I have to be honest, writing a blog and not thinking is pretty difficult, believe it or not.

So, I'm back and I am going to give it my all and post more frequently.  I have a few new ideas to bring to the table (more to come on that) and I have a backlog of ideas to write about.  Hopefully both will keep me coming back. 

Till next time...have a great start to your week!

1 comment:

Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

Glad to see you back! I understand about being busy and needing a blogging break.

Great job staying on track!